Are you in crisis?

If you, or someone you know, is in suicidal crisis or emotional distress, please call:


How can we help?

You can call the crisis center for any of the following reasons:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Information on suicide
  • Information on mental health/illness
  • Substance abuse/addiction
  • To help a friend or loved one
  • Relationship problems
  • Abuse/Violence
  • Economic problems
  • Sexual orientation issues
  • Physical illness
  • Loneliness
  • Family problems

How can I call?

We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Dial 1.800.273.TALK (8255)
  • TTY users: 1.800.799.4TTY (4889)
  • Para obtener asistencia en espanol durante las 24 houras, llame al: 1.888.628.9454


Are you in crisis?
COVID-19 Updates

AFC Provider FAQ

What are the signs/symptoms of Cornavirus?

Mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Please also see for pertinent information on COVID-19.

What happens if a Guardian decides that they want to pick up a resident?

If possible, explain to the Guardian that you are trying to keep all clients healthy and would desire the individual to stay in your care. Your home is following the cleaning protocols and being in the AFC home is potentially the safest place for the individual to be.

If the guardian insists that they want to take the individual away from the AFC home, you should inform the guardian that the client should be healthy when they return to the AFC home. Upon return, take the client’s temperature and provide fill out a health screening to ensure the individual is healthy before returning to your AFC.

See Hope Network COVID-19 Questionnaire

How do we use Telehealth?  How can we get access?

  • You will need either a smart phone or tablet with a camera. You may also use a computer with a camera.
  • For Greenwood Clinic psychiatric evaluation appointments, you will be sent a Skype invite via email. You will be able to access the link and join the meeting if you are using the data on your phone or are connected to WIFI. You do not need to have Skype or Skype for business on your device.  Evaluations include anyone who is new to the clinic or new to the psychiatrist.
  • We are still planning to complete all med reviews over the phone, but that may change based on individualized situations. Make sure that Greenwood Clinic has the email address and phone number of the staff who will be helping out with the appointment.

What if we do not have internet?

See Options for Internet Access.

While Network180 does not recommend any specific provider, this is a list to let you know what options and programs are out there.

What health questions should I use to screen individuals who need to come into our AFC?

Please see the above document that Hope Network is using for screening prior to entry into their facilities. You could make something similar for your homes. When we receive examples from other providers/agencies, they will be posted on the Network180 website under the COVID-19 documents.

How do we quarantine?  What do we do?

Stay in your home and avoid going out in public as much as possible. 

Keep a 6-foot distance between you and another individual.

What should I do if I think I have been exposed to or infected with COVID-19?

Alert your healthcare provider immediately if you think you may be infected with the virus, including if you have been exposed to someone with the virus and have signs/symptoms. Also inform your healthcare provider if you had any recent travel.

If you believe you have been exposed while on the job, alert your supervisor immediately.

What do we do if someone gets sick with COVID-19?  How do we protect staff and other residents?

The infected person should wear a mask. 

If they are able to return home and be isolated in their room with a mask, you can follow the family rules for quarantine. However, many people you serve many not be willing/able to isolate or wear a mask and you would need to consider who they live with in terms of the risk/vulnerability of their housemates getting sick if they contact the virus.

Here is CDC guidance:

If someone test positive for COVID-19 in an AFC home, would housemates be tested?

No, unless they are sick and prioritized for testing. Due to the demand in our area, testing is limited and needs to be prioritized.

What should we do if one of our residents comes down with flu like symptoms?

Contact their primary care physician and their guardian.

What was included with the Governor’s Executive Order?

This is continually changing. The updated list of the Governor’s Executive Orders can be found at this link,,9309,7-387-90499_90705--- ,00.html

Are there any fun activities to do with our residents while we are in the house all day or practicing social distancing?

See Things to Do.

This is a different list of websites, learning activities, virtual tours, and walking trails to keep everyone entertained.

What if the AFC provider and/or their staff get sick and cannot care for their residents?

We do not have an answer for this yet, but we are looking into options.

Can we make up the Community Services hours later?

See COVID-19 ICLS Making Up Hours.

What is Wilson & Wynn doing to ensure their office environment is safe?

See Wilson and Wynn.

What is Hope Network doing during the COVID-19 outbreak?

See Hope Network.

What is IKUS doing during the COVID-19 outbreak?


What changes are occurring at MOKA during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • Closing group Community Supports programs in all counties through April 3, 2020.
  • Most individual CLS services will also be discontinued, with the exception of a few cases where health and safety needs require this service. One-on-one will be provided in a      few exceptions.
  • They plan to re-open both group and 1:1 CLS services on Monday, April 6th with an understanding that the planned date may be adjusted if circumstances change.
  • You may check out their website for real-time updates/changes at

What is Thresholds doing during the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • Thresholds will close their offices to the public starting, Monday, March 23.Visitors will be able to ring a doorbell to summon a staff but will not be allowed in the building unless it is for an urgent need.
  • Representative Payee checks for clients will be mailed on Monday, March 23. Checks will not be available for pickup. Anyone who comes to Thresholds to pick up a check will not be allowed in the building. They would appreciate your assistance ensuring that the affected clients are aware of this.